IVIS2023 Distinguished Veterinary Immunologist (DVI) Award

It is our great pleasure to announce that Dr Joan Lunney has been awarded the Distinguished Veterinary Immunologist (DVI) Award, supported by Zoetis and selected by the IUIS Veterinary Immunology Committee (VIC). The selection committee was chaired by Prof. Paul Wood.

Award Criteria:

  • Stature as an internationally recognized authority and leader in the field of Veterinary Immunology
  • Evidence of excellence and impact to the field
  • Contributions to veterinary immunology education, student training and mentorship of early career researchers/postdoctoral fellows that have supported the development of future generations of veterinary immunologists

Award Winners:

  • 13th IVIS 2023  Dr Joan Lunney
  • 12th IVIS 2019  Professor Paul Wood
  • 11th IVIS 2016 Professor Serge Muyldermans
  • 10th IVIS 2013 Professor Cynthia Baldwin
  • 9th IVIS 2010  Professor Doug Antczak
  • 8th IVIS 2007  Dr John Butler
  • 7th IVIS 2004  Professor Wendy Brown
  • 6th IVIS 2001  Dr Travis McGuire
  • 5th IVIS 1998 Dr Alan Husband
  • 4th IVIS 1995  Dr Richard Binns

Dr Joan Lunney received the award in person at IVIS2023 in South Africa (Nov.17-21, 2023).

We warmly congratulate Joan for receiving this very deserving award .