IVIS 2023 Organising Committee 

Prof. Sven Parsons (South Africa)
Dr Claire Rogel-Caillard (France)
Prof. Christine Maritz-Oliver (South Africa)
Dr Alejandra V. Capozzo (Argentina)
Dr Crystal Loving (USA)
Dr Eva Wattrang (Sweden)
Dr Vish Nene (Kenya)

IVIS 2023 Executive Steering Committee

Prof. Sven Parsons (Congress Chair)
Independant Consultant
South Africa

Dr Claire Rogel-Gaillard (Co-Chair)
Senior Scientist, French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA)

Congress Secretariat
SAVETCON Event Management
Ms Corné Engelbrecht, CMP
+27(0)71 587 2950

IVIS 2023 Scientific Programme Committee (SPC)

Prof. Christine Maritz-Olivier (SPC Chair)
PhD (Biochemistry), PGDip (Entrepreneurship) cum laude
Department of Genetics, Biochemistry and Microbiology, University of Pretoria, South Africa 

Dr Alejandra V. Capozzo (SPC Co-Chair)
Senior Principal Research Scientist of CONICET
Applied Veterinary Immunology
IVIT. INTA. Buenos Aires, Argentina

IVIS 2023 SPC Members

Ms Michelle Baker (Australia)
Prof. Samuel J. Black (USA)
Prof. Femke Broere (Netherlands)
Prof. Tina Dalgaard (Denmark)
Prof. Julia B Felippe (USA)
Mr Andrew Flies (Australia)
Dr Teresa Freire (Uruguay)
Prof. Gilles Foucras (France)
Dr María Montoya Gonzalez (Spain)
Dr John Hammond (UK)
Dr Sonja Hartle (Germany)
Prof. Wayne Hein (Australia)
Prof. Jayne Hope (UK)
Dr Gregers Jungersen (Denmark)
Dr Joan Lunney (USA)
Dr Bonny Mallard (Canada)
Dr Justin Komguep Nono (South Africa)
Dr Isabelle Oswald (France)
Dr José Ángel Gutiérrez Pabello (Mexico)
Prof. Alri Pretoria (South Africa)
Prof. Polly Roy (UK)
Dr Bettina Wagner (USA)
Prof. Yaofeng Zhao (China)