The congress will consist of abstract-based oral and poster presentations, running in concurrent sessions.

The official call for abstracts will open early in 2023.

The themes under which abstracts will be invited, includes:

  1. Tissue-specific immunity
  2. Immuno-diagnostics
  3. Innate immunity: Trained immunity and APC
  4. Adaptive immunity: T and B cell biology (2 sessions)
  5. Immunology of disease: bacterial, viral (including coronaviruses), parasitic
  6. Vaccine and adjuvant development
  7. Immune-regulation and modulation
  8. Comparative immunology – human vs animal / Clinical vs applied immunology
  9. Zoonoses / One health /Global health
  10. Immunoinformatics: Linking computer science and experimental immunology.
  11. Immunology in wildlife and exotics
  12. Immunogenetics

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